This is a guide on how to dice. i have seen many people do different ways then what you are suppose to do and it gets annoying. 

55x2- 55x2 is played when a better gives a donator host a bet and the donator rolls their ::dice. if the number is 56 and higher its a win. like this if the host rolls 54 or under it is a loss. like this if the donator rolls 0, 55 or 100 he has to either refund the money or reroll again for the same bet. 

blackjack or bj- blackjack is played with two people, the better and the roller (donator). the better hands the donator the bet and the roller will roll his dice. for example lets say the roller rolled a 25, the donator will then ask if you would like to hit or stay. hit means roll again which adds onto what you already rolled. if you stay it means you cant go anymore and its the dealers turn to try to beat what you have which is 25. in the scenario you would want to roll again because you got such a low number. the roller will then roll his dice and he rolled a 65. you would take that 65 and add it to your 25 so you would have 90. once you are there i would reconmend you staying. after you are done it is the dealers turn to roll. he starts out by rolling a 89, he either has to get a 2-11 to acualy beat you. no matter what the dealer has to try to beat you. so if he rolls a 45 then it means he went over 100 which is a loss for the dealer. if the better went over 100 it means the dealer would of won. 

dice dueling or dd- dice dueling requires two people that can roll dice. if you only have one person that can roll dice it lowers the chance of winning by a lot. once you have your two rollers you can now begin. the rules are simple to first person to 3 wins win the dice duel if both rollers roll the same number they would just roll again. the higher number always win in dice duel. the only type of rerolls is when you have two of the same number. and remember you MUST have two rollers in order to do this.

if you have any more questions about dicing please ask ingame.